Wisper is an artist with deep roots in Mt. Shasta, California.

“I am an intuitive painter exploring the depths of color and emotion.  The colors bring life, as we would have no feeling without color.  I choose subjects from the world around me, dolphins, mountains and rivers, as well as the imagined world of goddesses and fairies.  I paint whatever flows through me.

I was raised in Mount Shasta, California loving the great outdoors. I have always been inspired by the natural colors created by planet Earth.

I sit and listen, pick up my brush, and pick the color that relates to the emotion I feel inside. I begin one stroke at a time following the feeling of right, trusting my intuition to lead me.

My paintings are about the inner alignment of color, feeling and intuition.  The colors have a language of there own and I listen to how they want to communicate.

My paintings come from a place deep within, a peaceful place of meditation.  Colors are a vibration of the soul and I listen to how they want to communicate.

I prefer to paint outdoors in the crisp pure air. My intention, for those of you who are inspired, is to allow the color to flow through your heart and brighten your life!”

Please feel free to email Wisper with any questions or comments about her work.

My art work is  displayed at:

Soul Connection in Mt. Shasta
Rainbow Angel in Mt.Shasta
Voormi in Pagosa Springs

Events at which I have displayed my work:

Mt.Shasta Fourth of July
Dunsmuir Art Walk
Mt. Shasta Art Walk
Live Oak Music Festival in Davis, California
Fairy World in Eugene, Oregon
The Christmas Fair in Weed
The JEDI Christmas Fair
Art in the Park with the Siskiyou Arts Council
Rollin’ Weed Car Show
Honey Bee Festival in Redding, California