Free Your Goddess

Free Your Goddess is part of the Goddesses and Fairies series, painted in 2003.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, 12 inches by 12 inches.

This painting began with the color fuchsia, the color of the Goddess.  Through this work I learned to forgive the feminine. I had a hard time being close to women due to being made fun of in grade school because I was different.  I was harassed by such pretty little girls…I did not understand how a girl so pretty could be so mean.  I promised myself that if I ever became pretty I would be nice to everyone!

In painting Free your Goddess I realized that all women are beautiful! I realized that we are all reflections of one another. Over years of humanity, we have turned against each other for having what others want and don’t have, instead of looking at the individual beauty.  I realized that if I did not compare myself to any other women, I was just perfect the way I am. Only the comparing created separation between me and another women.

I began to looked at women in a totally different way…as who they are, not as who they are compared to me. “Wow, she has amazing hair – so blond and look how it wraps around her face, look at the grace in her step as if she is floating.” Fully acknowledging women for the feminine Goddess that they are does not make me less in any way. We are two different women, both beautiful.

I find myself deep in gratitude for women’s beauty, for who they are and who I am.  All women are beautiful in their own magical way! The feminine beauty is the creator of life. What can possibly be more beautiful! Come join together in the great creation of sacred feminine energy! Free Your Goddess!!!

Original painting: $800.

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