Seek the Truth

Seek the Truth is part of the Goddesses and Fairies series.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, 2008-2009, 16 inches by 20 inches.

This painting started with the color fuscia,  the color of the sacred feminine goddess.  While painting “Seek The Truth” I had very profound dream…

In the dream, I was in the parking lot of Berryvale, the local health food store. I crossed paths with my friend Roberto., who insisted that I go to a yard sale up the street because they were selling jade. It was late in the afternoon so I doubted any would be left, but my intuition said “Yes”.

When arriving at the yard sale, I saw my friend’s mom Maryann from Santa Cruz, whom I had not seen for years.  Maryann was delighted to see me, as I was her. Knowing my deep love for jade, she had gathered a crate full of the stone and gave it to me.  She said “I was waiting for the right person to come for the jade.” In deep gratitude I thanked her .

Still feeling looking around, I passed by a book titled “Jaguar Women,” feeling drawn to it and not knowing why. I passed it once and then went back and picked it up. While reading the back cover I noticed a women out of the corner of my eye approaching Maryann with a bundle. It looked like a wool blanket.

She said to Maryann, ” I bought this this morning. I don’t want the money back.  I just cannot have this.  They are not meant for me.” And she handed Maryann the bundle.

Maryann then came over to me, still standing with the book in hand. She handed me bundle and said “Wisper, this is meant for you. These are two jaguar skins from the Amazon. They are 80 years old.”  Maryann then asked me to take them to a shaman to release the spirits from the skins.

In gratitude I thanked her and continued on my journey to my friend Andrew’s house, who is a shaman. We created the space and laid the skins on a blanket, sat down and began smudging and then salting the skins. While in meditation, I saw the skins rise into one big jaguar. As if in a animated movie, the jaguar looked deep into my eyes and said, “Seek The Truth.”  The jaguar then arose into thin air and vanished!

After the ceremony, hardly believing what I had seen, I wrapped up the skins and headed home, where I started reading “Jaguar Women”. A few pages in, I stopped at the bottom of a page said “Seek The Truth.”  At that moment I knew the message was real, and what I saw in the dream was real. I closed the book and awoke out of the dream.

That day I finished the painting. I had originally painted “Seek the Truth” as the mountain. On the day I finished it, I realized that the form was a women’s face, and she whispered “Seek The Truth.”

The original painting is available: $1500.

Prints are available all sizes.

Please email me for more information.

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