Free Falling Shasta

Free Falling Shasta is a painting in the River series. This painting was inspired by my brother Shon Bollock, his deep love for hard shell kayaking and travels around the world in search for amazing waters to run.  Free Falling Shasta is a perfect water fall for Shon. Using my imagination and feeling my love for my little brother, he flew through me on to the canvas and we created Free Falling Shasta.

For more info on Shon, hard shell kayaking and Shon’s filmmaking, go to Shasta Boyz Productions  at

The painting is acrylic on canvas 12″ by 36″, painted in 2008.

It is in private collection.

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Giclee prints, framed prints, prints on canvas, acrylic and metal, pillows and greeting cards.

Please email me for more information.

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