Shasta Dolphins

Shasta Dolphins is part of the Shasta series.

This painting was inspired by the sacred water that lives within Mt. Shasta and the many spiritual beliefs that Shasta is a  sacred temple or city of light, home or meeting place for many ascended Master beings… Lemurians, Pleiadians, Atlantis beings and many more.

When painting Shasta Dolphin I felt the presents of my God Mother Amorah Quan Yin who has encouraged  my souls journey through wholeness oneness and divine destiny of this human experience called life. My infinite love for Amorah flowed through me, creating the flow of this beautiful painting. Amorah is the founder of Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.  She has assisted many people in awakening to there souls true essence.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, 24 inches by 12 inches.

The original painting is in private collection.

A signed archival print on canvas in the original size: $144.00

Click here to order prints at Wisper’s Fine Art America gallery.
Giclee prints, framed prints, prints on canvas, acrylic and metal, pillows and greeting cards.

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