“I have a painting by Wisper Krimmer. I love looking at this painting daily. It has the ability to fill my home with the same content feeling I get from being outdoors in nature. It reminds me of having a fresh vase of flowers sitting there looking pretty, only the stretched canvas will last longer and is so much brighter. It reminds me daily that I live beside a sacred mountain, with water that is not only life giving but contains life itself.  There is a spirit in this artist that will make anyone’s day better. Wisper’s art has a way of reminding me of the beauty and great brightness this life holds.” Candy S.

“Wisper’s art can only be described as color-filled joy! Consider yourself lucky if someone sends you a Wisper card, because they must love you a lot!!” Lauri Sturdivant,  Siskiyou Arts Museum.

“Working with Wisper and her art work all these years has been one of the biggest pleasures. Reproducing her art and watching the love and delight in people as they discover her colorful renditions filled with passion, makes me realize how valuable her work is as a source of inspiration.”  Bob Swanson, SwansonImages.com


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